The Facts About Home Insurance

When people shop for home insurance, they are actually seeking not just one type of coverage but possibly several different varieties. Taking the time to understand what types of homeowners insurance coverage are included in your policy can help you understand what it helps protect. Most home insurance policies include standard coverage, like:

Dwelling Coverage: This type of insurance is what can help protect the physical structure of your home, like the walls and the roof.

Personal Property Coverage: Personal property coverage can help protect the belongings inside your home, which can items like furniture, bicycles, stereos and more. If these belongings are stolen or damaged outside of your home, personal property coverage could also help you replace them.

Other Structures Coverage: This type of insurance can help protect the physical structure of buildings on your property that are separate from your home, such as a shed or a stand-alone garage.

Liability Insurance Coverage: Liability insurance can help protect you if someone makes a claim against you or sues you for damages after being injured on your property.

Additional Living Expenses: This coverage may help you pay for increased living costs like hotel stays in the event your home is uninhabitable after a covered loss.

Guest Medical Coverage: This type of coverage can help cover the cost of medical expenses for a person who's injured on your property.

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